Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Defense of Happy Endings

There has been some criticism of Never Again ending happily. It puzzles me why a happy ending should be negative. Do we live in a world so devoid of hope that sad endings are considered realistic? I agree that castles and fairy tales all have the connotation that the prince and the princess will live happily ever after, but if you strip that away what do you have left? No hope of finding happiness? No chance of overcoming hard times?

The wisest man I know, my father, once told me something that I didn't agree with. As a college student, I returned home for the summer and invited my family to see a favorite movie. After the feature, I quizzed my family about their opinion of the movie. The comments were positive, although my father remained silent.

I cornered my dad and sought his reaction. He stated that he didn't like the movie because it had a sad ending. It was his belief that there are enough troubles in life that you don't have to go looking for them.

At the time, I disagreed. The movie made you cry and was touching. However over the years, I've revised my opinion. Ben in Never Again reflects a similiar philosophy. He tells Megan that we have to enjoy the good moments in life, because the bad times will come.

Once I heard the statement: trials are mandatory, but misery is optional. So if we all have hard times and pain, why can't we look to happy solutions? Heavenly Father desires a happy ending for all of us. If this is true then it seems to me that we should be reaching out for happiness. As we overcome our trails in the Lord's way we create happy endings. This is what Megan does in Never Again. Was it easy for Megan or for any of us? Absolutely not! I believe the only sad endings are when we give up hope and stop trying to live God's laws.

So make your own happy endings and I'll keep writing mine!

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  1. Katherine,

    I absolutely loved Never Again! It was a dream come true to read a novel written by someone I know and love personally. I loved seeing little hints of you come through in the story. The most strong one was the fact that Ben had brown eyes. That was great. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Congrats, again.